Who are Dietitians?

December 6, 2017


Dietitians are experts in nutrition who don’t try to sell you a supplement, fad diet, or belief that isn’t based in science. We are coaches who are invested in helping each individual we work with achieve their health goals, and in doing so learn more about themselves and how to feel good.


Dietitians differ from nutritionists in that Dietitians are required to complete an accredited undergraduate degree in food and nutrition science, followed by either a 1-year internship at a hospital or an accredited Master’s degree in order to obtain the necessary practical skills. Dietitians then write a rigorous entrance exam to gain a license to practice. There is an annual quality assurance program organized by each provincial college that must be completed each year.


In Ontario, nutritionists have zero requirements. They are not a regulated health professional like Dietitians, and in fact anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. The problem with this? If a nutritionist provides poor advice, there is no recourse. If a Dietitian does, we are held accountable to our college and could lose our license.


Dietitians aren’t focused on diets and meal plans. Instead, we help people understand how food affects us, and how to put together meals and snacks so that food is delicious fuel for each day, rather than a stressful item that causes confusion and guilt.


Dietitians are allies in the struggle to find out truth and what works for each individual. Working with a dietitian should leave you feeling enlightened, hopeful, motivated, and refreshed. Have a question about food or nutrition? You’ve come to the right place.

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